Verges, Alba

Verges, Alba

Associate Professor (UdG)

Alba Vergés is an associate professor in the Environmental Sciences Department and member of the Aquatic Ecology Institut at the University of Girona.

Since the beginning of my scientific career I have been focused on seaweed biodiversity, systematics and phylogeny. Diversity and taxonomy of red algae have been the main issue of my work, and last years I have focalized my research mainly in Bangiales and Kallymeniaceae from Europe. Moreover, ecology and restoration of Mediterranean marine forests have been the target of last projects, we are identifying how pollution and global warming is affecting these essential marine habitats, and how apply restoration technics to increase the extension of Cystoseira forests.

Selected articles:

  • Le Gall L, Gey D, Vergés A (2018) Insights into the rare Mediterranean endemic Kallymenia spathulata: DNA phylogenies resolves this species as Halymeniaceae (Halymeniales) rather than Kallymeniaceae (Gigartinales) with the proposal of Felicinia spathulata comb. nov. Cryptogamie, Algologie, 39 (2): 1-9.
  • Barberá, C., Mallol, S., Vergés A., Cabanellas-Reboredo M., Díaz D., Goñi R. (2017) Maerl beds inside and outside a 25-year-old no-take area. Marine Ecology Progress Series 572: 77–90.
  • Saunders G.W., Huisman J.M., Vergés A., Kraft G.T., Le Gall L. (2017) Phylogenetic analyses support recognition of ten new genera, ten new species and 16 new combinations in the family Kallymeniaceae (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta). Cryptogamie, Algologie, 38 (2): 1-54.

Twitter: @GRMAR_UdG
Instagram: marineforests
ResearchGate: Alba Verges

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