The aim of the MedRecover research group is to obtain further information on the consequences of global change in marine ecosystems. The group identifies and characterises impacts on marine biodiversity, and develops the capacity to foresee future changes and implement restoration measures in marine communities. To achieve these objectives, MedRecover has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to integrate different levels of biological organisation, from individuals to communities, as well as relevant time and space scales.

  • Objective 1 To assess the impact of strong disturbances associated with global change (i.e. fisheries, invasive species and climate change)
  • Objective 2 To develop predictive tools that can be used to anticipate the effects of disturbances and of potential management measures
  • Objective 3 To identify measures for mitigating the impact of disturbances and to propose specific actions for restoring the biodiversity of coastal ecosystems
  • Objective 4 To evaluate the effectiveness of conservation measures, in particular the effects of marine reserves
  • Objective 5 To study the biology and ecology of endangered species and communities
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