Verdura, Jana


Postdoc (Université Côte d’Azur)

Jana Verdura is a postdoctoral researcher at the ECOSEAS Laboratory of the University of Côte d’Azur. Her research is mainly focused on the ecology and conservation of benthic marine communities of the Mediterranean Sea. She is especially interested in studying the ecological impacts of global change and the conservation and restoration of macroalgal forests. Much of her research is based on natural surveys mixed with manipulative field and laboratory experiments.

In June 2021 she defended her PhD focused on the response of Mediterranean macroalgal populations to chronic gradual warming and acute marine heatwaves, as well as on the design of new non-invasive restoration methodologies for the recovery of these historically threatened ecosystems. Previously, Jana took part in different projects focused on the study of the biodiversity in the Mediterranean coralligenous communities and their response to global change across large spatial and mid to long-term temporal scales.

Selected articles:

  • Verdura J; Santamaría J; Ballesteros E; Smale DA; Cefalì ME; Golo R; Caralt S; Vergés A; Cebrian E (2021). Local-scale climatic refugia offer sanctuary for a habitat-forming species during a marine heatwave. Journal of Ecology 109 (4): 1758-1773.
  • de Caralt S; Verdura J; Vergés A; Ballesteros E; Cebrian E (2020). Differential effects of pollution on adult and recruits in a canopy-forming alga, implications for population viability. Scientific Reports, 10:17825
  • Verdura J; Linares C; Ballesteros E; Coma E; Uriz I; Bensoussan N; Emma C (2019). Biodiversity loss in a Mediterranean ecosystem due to an extreme warming event unveils the role of an engineering gorgonian species. Scientific reports 9:5911
  • Wood G; Marzinelli E; Coleman M; Campbell A; Santini N; Kajilich L; Verdura J; Wodak J; Steinberg P; Verges A (2019). Restoring subtidal marine macrophytes in the Anthropocene: trajectories and future-proofing. Marine and freshwater research.
  • Verdura J; Sales M; Ballesteros E; Cefalì ME; Cebrian E (2018). Restoration of a canopy-forming alga based on recruitment enhancement: methods and longterm success assessment. Frontiers in Plant Sciences 9:1832

Twitter: @marineforesTeam, @GRMAR_UdG
Instagram: marineforests
Reserchgate: Jana Verdura

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