Pagés-Escola, Marta

Pagés-Escola, Marta

Postdoc (UB)

Since February 2020, she is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences of the University of Barcelona. She is interested in understanding marine ecological patterns and their underlying mechanisms under global change scenario. Her overall research goal is understanding the response of marine communities to different stressors to anticipate the potential effects of global change and improve conservation and management actions of marine populations. At global scale, she is interested in quantifying past, extant and future macroecological diversity patterns and their environmental drivers to identify climatic refugees in marine systems. At local scale, her studies are focused in the study of population dynamics, distributional patterns and thermal tolerances preferences to unravel the winners and losers of climate change. Recently, she defended her PhD thesis focused in the study of bryozoan population dynamics, the impact of human threats on marine communities, and the restoration of natural populations in marine protected areas.

Selected articles:

  • Pagès-Escolà, M., Bock, P., Gordon, D. Wilson, S. Linares, C. Hereu, B. Costello, M. (2020) Progress in the discovery of living and fossil bryozoans. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 635, 71-75.
  • Pagès-Escolà, M., Hereu, B, Rovira, G, Medrano, A, Aspillaga, E, Capdevila, P, Linares, C. (2020) Unravelling the population dynamics of the Mediterranean bryozoan Pentapora fascialis to assess its role as an indicator of recreational diving for adaptive management of marine protected areas. Ecological Indicators, 109, 105781.
  • Pagès-Escolà, M, Linares, C, Gómez-Gras, D, Medrano, A, Hereu, B. (2020) Assessing the effectiveness of restoration actions for Bryozoans: the case of the Mediterranean Pentapora fascialis. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater, Ecosystems 30(1), 8-19.
  • Pagès-Escolà M., Hereu B., Garrabou J., Montero-Serra I., Gori A., Gómez-Gras D., Figuerola B., Linares C. (2018) Divergent responses to warming of two common co-occurring Mediterranean bryozoans. Scientific reports, 8(1), 17455.
  • Pagès-Escolà, M. (2019) New insights into the ecology and conservation of bryozoans: from global diversity patterns to the responses to anthropogenic stressors in the Mediterranean Sea. University of Barcelona.


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