Oller, Judith

Oller, Judith

Technician (UdG)

Judith Ollé Vilanova studied Biology, and after graduation, she delved into the comprehensive study of reproductive biology, population genetics, and fish conservation. She began her career as a laboratory technician at IRTA, focusing on the reproductive physiology of target species in aquaculture. Her work involved analyzing molecular markers modulating gamete maturation in seabream and exploring potential hormonal treatments to enhance the reproductive outcomes of species, such as the Senegalese sole.

In 2016, she took on a role as an assistant professor at UdG and concurrently began her doctoral research at the Laboratori d’Ictiologia Genètica. Her doctoral work offered valuable insights into the genetic structure of fish populations. She paid particular attention to the bullet tuna and little tuna, species that hold significant importance in the fisheries sector. By studying their population genetics and phylogenomics, she shed light on essential aspects of these species, advocating for data-driven and sustainable fisheries management practices.

Currently, she is a technician at the Marine Resources and Biodiversity Research Group of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology, where she is researching alternative species to sardines with the aim of reducing overfishing pressures on sardine populations. Her interdisciplinary approach, encompassing reproductive biology, genetics, and conservation ecology, seeks to advance the scientific community's understanding and conservation of aquatic ecosystems.

Selected articles:

  • Ollé-Vilanova, J., Pérez-Bielsa, N., Araguas, R. M., Sanz, N., Saber, S., Macías, D., & Viñas, J. (2022). Larval Retention and Homing Behaviour Shape the Genetic Structure of the Bullet Tuna (Auxis rochei) in the Mediterranean Sea. Fishes, 7(5), 300. MDPI AG. DOI: 10.3390/fishes7050300.
  • Ollé, J., Vilà-Valls, L., Alvarado-Bremer, J., Cerdenares, G., Duong, T. Y., Hajjej, G., Lino, P. G., Muñoz-Lechuga, R., Sow, F. N., Diaha, N. C., Araguas, R. M., Sanz, N., & Viñas, J. (2021). Population genetics meets phylogenetics: new insights into the relationships among members of the genus Euthynnus (family Scombridae). Hydrobiologia, 6. DOI: 10.1007/s10750-021-04707-6.
  • Pérez Bielsa, N., Ollé, J., Macías, D., Saber, S., & Viñas, J. (2021). Genetic validation of the unexpected presence of a tropical tuna, bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus), in the Mediterranean. Journal of Fish Biology, July, 1–4. DOI: 10.1111/jfb.14866.
  • Ollé, J., D. Macías, S. Saber, M. J. Gómez-Vives, N. Pérez-Bielsa, & J. Viñas, 2019. Genetic analysis reveals the presence of frigate tuna (Auxis thazard) in the bullet tuna (Auxis rochei) fishery of the Iberian Peninsula and the western-central Mediterranean Sea. Bulletin of Marine Science.
  • Chauvigné, F., J. Parhi, C. Ducat, J. Ollé, R. N. Finn, & J. Cerdà, 2018. The cellular localization and redistribution of multiple aquaporin paralogs in the spermatic duct epithelium of a maturing marine teleost. Journal of Anatomy 233: 177–192.
  • Chauvigné, F., J. Parhi, J. Ollé, & J. Cerdà, 2017. Dual estrogenic regulation of the nuclear progestin receptor and spermatogonial renewal during gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) spermatogenesis. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology Elsevier Inc. 206: 36–46.
  • Chauvigné, F., J. Ollé, W. González, N. Duncan, I. Giménez, & J. Cerdà, 2017. Toward developing recombinant gonadotropin-based hormone therapies for increasing fertility in the flatfish Senegalese sole. PLOS ONE.
  • Chauvigné, F., E. Fatsini, N. Duncan, J. Ollé, S. Zanuy, A. Gómez, & J. Cerdà, 2016. Plasma levels of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones during the reproductive cycle of wild and cultured Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology -Part A : Molecular and Integrative Physiology 191:

Contact: judith.olle@udg.edu

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