Montseny, Maria


Postdoc (Universidad de Sevilla)

I am currently a PhD student at the Institut de Ciències del Mar of Barcelona (ICM-CSIC). My research focusses on the conservation of mesophotic and deep marine ecosystems, mainly dominated by corals and gorgonians species. With the frame of the MERCES project (Marine Ecosystem Restoration in Changing European Seas) I am evaluating the potential of the ecological restoration as a tool to recovery cold-water coral ecosystems. In more detail, the specific objectives of my PhD project are to analyse the fishing impact on gorgonian populations at the Cap de Creus continental shelf (north-western Mediterranean) and to develop and monitor innovative ecological restoration experiments for these populations. My research is supported by a FPU scholarship granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport under the direction of Dr. Josep-Maria Gili (ICM-CSIC) and Dr. Andrea Gori (UB).

Research expertise
I am graduated in Environmental Biology at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona (July 2013). She also studied a master’s degree in Oceanography and Management of Marine Environment at the Universitat de Barcelona (September 2015). My master project was framed in the project ShelfReCover, specifically conducting feeding experiments with gorgonians in the aquariums of the Institut de Ciències del Mar.


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