Martini, Francesco

Martini, Francesco

Technician (CEAB-CSIC)

Francesco Martini graduated in marine biology in Ancona at the Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM). During this period, he performed his thesis on the phenology of Gongolaria barbata.

After the graduation he won a scholarship for 6 months (Campus World) thanks to which he had the opportunity to carry out an internship at Koh Tao in the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program in which he carried out different types of monitoring (of invertebrates, fish, corals and their diseases, sharks and turtles).

Subsequently, thanks to two scholarships, he had the opportunity to work within the marine ecology group of the UNIVPM for the European project AFRIMED (Algal Forest Restoration of the Mediterranean Sea), in which he was involved in monitoring different populations of Gongolaria barbata and experiments with this species as protagonist (caging, predation, dispersal). Alongside this, he has worked on analyzing meiofauna samples to establish the impact of port dredging.

As of June 2023, he started working as a laboratory technician in Emma Cebrian's research group. He deals with the evaluation of the viability/potentiality (temporary success) of repopulation with different species of phanerogams and marine macroalgae as a mitigation measure against climate change.

Thanks to this work, especially during field sampling, I am also able to curry on my passion for underwater photography.

Instagram: Underwater_nano

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