Grinyó, Jordi

Grinyó, Jordi

Postdoc (Università degli Studi di Genova)

My research is focused on the study of vulnerable marine ecosystems on Mediterranean mesophotic and deep-sea environments (50 and 2000 m depth) focusing on their ecology, diversity and conservation status. Additionally, my research has also addressed the ecology of ecosystem engineers such as corals, gorgonians or sponges providing essential base line data for the development of management and conservation strategies in marine protected areas.

This research has been developed following a multidisciplinary approach combining fieldwork, experimental studies, and a wide range of laboratory analyses. In this sense, my research includes the study of geochemical processes, octocoral taxonomy, the characterization of megabenthic community and key structuring species populations (demography) and distribution pattern, energetic condition (lipid content), reproductive and trophic biology (stable isotopes and fatty acids composition).

My research experience began with the development of a research project on the dynamics of megabenthic assemblages in coralligenous environments of the Medes Islands during my last years of high school. During my biology bachelor, at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, I collaborate with members of the Institut de Ciències del Mar on the study of benthic communities in shallow tropical environments. During my PhD thesis at the Institut de Ciències del Mar in Barcelona, I focused my research on mesophotic and deep megabenthic communities in the Menorca Channel (Balearic Islands). During my postdocs at the Institut de Ciències del Mar, I have been involved in different research projects that aim to mitigate artisanal fishing impacts on littoral and inner shelf environments of the western Mediterranean. During my last postdoc, at the Sorbonne Université (Banyuls-sur-Mer) I have further enriched my researched by acquiring knowledge on three-dimensional photogrammetry reconstructions on vertical wall environments on lower bathyal environments on the Corsican margin.


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