Gómez-Gras, Daniel

Gómez-Gras, Daniel

Postdoc (Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology - UB)

Daniel is a Postdoc Researcher at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) and Universitat de Barcelona, where he is working to develop a global trait-database for octocorals. On a broader scale, Daniel work focuses on exploring how the structure and functioning of tropical and temperate reefs respond to ocean warming. To achieve this goal, he carries out studies at different levels of ecological organization and he uses multiple ecological approaches which include; long-term field monitoring, aquaria experiments, ecological theory and quantitative tools (e.g., trait-based approaches)

His research is supported by a Margarita Salas Postdoctoral fellowship granted by the UB and he is advised by Dr. Josh S Madin (HIMB) and Dr. Cristina Linares (UB).

Daniel obtained his PhD in 2021 at ICM-CSIC / UB. During his thesis, he studied the response of Mediterranean coralligenous assemblages to climate change.

Selected articles:

  • Gómez-Gras D, Linares C, Dornelas M, Madin JS, Brambilla V, et al. 2021a. Climate change transforms the functional identity of Mediterranean coralligenous assemblages. Ecol. Lett. 24:1038–51
  • Gómez-Gras D, Linares C, López-Sanz A, Amate R, Ledoux JB, et al. 2021b. Population collapse of habitat- forming species in the Mediterranean: a long-term study of gorgonian populations affected by recurrentmarine heatwaves. Proc. R. Soc. B 288:20212384

Contact: dgomezgr@hawaii.edu, danielgomezgras@ub.edu
Twitter: @danigomezgras
ResearchGate: Daniel Gómez Gras

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