de Caralt, Sonia


Lecturer professor (UdG)

Sònia de Caralt is lecturer at the Department of Environmental Sciences of the University of Girona and researcher of the Marine Resources and Biodiversity Research Group (GR Mar) of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology (IEA). Her research focuses on biology and ecology of benthic marine organisms. Specifically, her scientific career began with the study of the biology and chemical ecology of sponges and the biotic and abiotic factors that influence them. Later on, her scientific interest has focused on photophilic seaweeds species, in its responses at biological level (reproduction, growth, survival, and secondary metabolite production) against several current threats such as global warming, pollution, and invasive species. In addition, she teaches at the University of Girona in the grades of Biology and Environmental Sciences.

Twitter: @soniadecaralt, @marineforesTeam, @GRMAR_UdG
ResearchGate: Sonia De Caralt

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