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Postdoc (OU)

Pol Capdevila is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Zoology, at the University of Oxford. Pol’s research combines small-scale experiments, long-term wild population data and large scale datasets with mathematical modelling to better understand species dynamics, predict their responses to global change and develop effective management strategies. Pol is currently working on the following research areas: (1) Understand the drivers of life history strategies in marine and terrestrial species; (2) Unveil the mechanisms that make a species resilient or more vulnerable to extinction; (3) The interactive effects of disturbances in species; (4) Develop management, conservation and restoration strategies using modelling tools.

Pol started his research at the University of Barcelona, getting involved in several long-term monitoring programs in several Mediterranean Marine Reserves such as Medes Islands, Port-Cros National Park and Cap de Creus among others. His PhD was supervised by Dr Cristina Linares and Dr Bernat Hereu, where he focused on understanding the natural dynamics of a deep-water Mediterranean seaweed species (Cystoseira zosteroides) and their resilience to global change. In October 2018 he gained his current Postdoctoral Fellowship at Oxford (started in October 2018). There he is using large datasets to understand the resilience of marine and terrestrial species to global change. He also is developing new analytical tools to quantify resilience using demographic data.

Selected articles:

  • Capdevila P, Beger M, Blomberg S, Hereu B, Linares C & Salguero-Gómez R. In press. Longevity, body dimension and reproductive mode drive differences in aquatic versus terrestrial life history strategies. Functional Ecology (bioRxiv: DOI: 10.1101/764464)
  • Capdevila P, Stott I, Beger M, Salguero-Gómez R. In press. Towards a comparative framework of demographic resilience. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. (bioRxiv: DOI: 10.1101/2020.01.31.928721)
  • Capdevila, Hereu, Salguero-Gómez, Rovira, Medrano, Cebrian, Garrabou, Kersting, Linares (2019) Warming impacts on early life stages increases the vulnerability and delays the recovery of macroalgae populations. J Ecol 107: 1129–1140.
  • Medrano, Linares, Aspillaga, Capdevila, Montero-Serra, Pagès-Escolà, Hereu (2019) No-take marine reserves control the recovery of sea urchins populations after mass mortality events. Mar Environ Res 145: 147-154.
  • Capdevila, Linares, Aspillaga, Riera, Hereu (2018) Effective dispersal and density-dependence in mesophotic macroalgae forests. PlosONE 13: e0191346.
  • Capdevila, Hereu, Riera, Linares (2016) Unravelling the natural dynamics and resilience patterns of underwater Mediterranean forests: insights from the demography of the brown alga Cystoseria zosteroides. J Ecol 104: 1799-1808.
  • Capdevila, Linares, Aspillaga, Navarro, Kersting, Hereu (2015) Recruitment patterns in the Mediterranean deep-water algae Cystoseira zosteroides. Marine Biol 164: 1665-1174.

Web: Dr Pol Capdevila Lanzaco
Twitter: @PolCapdevila90
ResearchGate: Pol Capdevila

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