Boada, Jordi


Marie Sklodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellow (SU)

Currently, I am postdoc at the University of Girona within the Biodiversity and Marine Resources group, (GR-MAR). In 2016 I finished my PhD describing the main processes regulating sea urchin population in the Western Mediterranean and the effects of environmental conditions on the vulnerability of underwater forests. My research aims to understand the state shift transitions in benthic marine systems. Particularly I am very interested in the collapses of macroalgal forests to bare rock seascapes. I mix natural surveys with manipulative experiments (field and laboratory) and modelling to study collapses in marine ecosystems. I am also very interested in the consequences of these collapses to the goods and services ecosystems provide and the overall perspective of socio-ecological shifts.

Twitter: @jordiocean, @hidden_deserts
Instagram: jordiocean, hidden_deserts
Researchgate: Jordi Boada

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