Santín, Andreu


PhD student (ICM-CSIC)

Andreu Santín Muriel is a PhD student at the Institut de Ciències del Mar. His PhD project aims to characterize the current state of the sponge grounds occurring on the future Marine Protected Area of the Menorca Channel, to serve as a baseline for future conservation actions. To achieve this aim, he focuses on innovative, non-invasive techniques, with his main goals being: (1) Characterization of deep sponge grounds thriving in the study areas by means of quantitative analysis of video-recording by ROV surveys. (2) Assessment of the relationships between main environmental factors, sponge community composition, and biological features of the studied area, as well as characterizing the demography and ecology of its most representative species (3) (Inventory and diagnostic description of the Mediterranean deep sponge fauna by combining morphological characters and molecular markers. His Ph.D is under the direction of Dr. Josep-Maria Gili I Sardà (ICM-CSIC) and Dr. Jordi Grinyó Andreu (ICM).

Selected articles:

  • Santín, A., Grinyó, J., Ambroso, S., Uriz, M. J., Gori, A., Dominguez-Carrió, C., & Gili, J. M. (2018) Sponge assemblages on the deep Mediterranean continental shelf and slope (Menorca Channel, Western Mediterranean Sea). Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 131, 75–86.
  • Santín, A., Grinyó, J., Ambroso, S., Uriz, M. J., Dominguez-Carrió, C., & Gili, J. M. (2019) Distribution patterns and demographic trends of demosponges at the Menorca Channel (Northwestern Mediterranean Sea). Progress in oceanography, 173, 9–25.

ResearchGate: Andreu Santín Muriel

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