Objective 4

Study on species mobility through radio-tracking. Evaluation of the effectiveness of reserves for biomass exploitation

One of MedRecover’s major achivements in recent years has been the implementation of telemetry techniques to study mobility on fish and large crustaceans’ species. This approach can help to gain an understanding of the functioning and effectiveness of marine reserves in terms of the conservation of fished species. For instance, in a study in Belize on Nassau groupers, these techniques enabled effective management measures to be implemented, and led to the partial closure of fisheries of this species to guarantee its persistence.

Currently, we are studying the movements of fishes and large decapods in Mediterranean marine reserves. This study will enable us to evaluate the capacity of protected areas to recover overexploited species within their boundaries, for the exploitation of biomass outside of the reserves. It will also provide basic data on the behaviour of these species.

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