Alba Serrat

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Alba Serrat Llinàs is a PhD Student at the Institute of Aquatic Ecology of the University of Girona. She is doing her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Marta Muñoz and Josep Lloret. Her doctoral thesis, entitled “Reproductive and condition status of cold water marine fish in a changing environment”, is focused on analysing the reproduction, energetic reserves and parasitism, the trade-offs between them and their links to environmental factors such as temperature, in exploited cold water marine fishes which are facing both environmental and anthropogenic pressures. She has done a research stays in the MRI Reykjavik (Iceland) and the IMR Bergen (Norway). She has taken part in several oceanographic vessel surveys in Spain, France and Iceland. The first steps in her career were on the study of the invasive Lion fish (Pterois volitans) in the Caribbean Sea at the INVEMAR research centre in Colombia.